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Truffoire diamond truffle neck and chest mask

Diamond Truffle Collection Review

In this Diamond Truffle Collection review, get ready to wear your most elegant pearls while feeling your very best while we introduce you to each product touched by Truffoire’s exclusive formula. This collection centers around the delicate areas we often overlook, with careful concentration to gently reduce fine lines around the face, neck, and chest. If pure elegance even in skincare is what you are looking for, Truffoire has made even your downtime feel like the height of luxury.

What is the Diamond Truffle Collection?

The Diamond Truffle Collection is a skincare line infused with two of the most elusive and rare ingredients: diamonds and truffles. The two create a perfect harmony that gives naturally exfoliating and radiating properties that even the precious stone cannot compete with. Truffoire is known for its use of luscious ingredients and has continued using high-grade components in this collection.

The collection consists of four (4) products, Diamond Truffle Lifting Mask, Diamond Truffle Neck & Face Cream, Diamond Truffle Lifting Essence, and Diamond Truffle Neck & Chest Mask. These four complementary products can be bought separately or as a set.

The Diamond Truffle Collection Highlights

Diamond Truffle Lifting Mask

If you are looking for more out of your cream masks, the Diamond Truffle Lifting Mask has a nutrient-boosted sculpting effect to give you a firmer-looking appearance bringing back a more youthful glow. Truffoire has created a silky cream filled with hydrating humectants and oils from various botanicals to give an extra boost to the skin barrier and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Price Range: $2,800.00

Diamond Truffle Neck & Face Cream

Saggy skin comes with age but the Diamond Truffle Neck & Face Cream smooths away your wrinkles and fine lines with a formula that boosts collagen production to aid aging skin and bring it back to the peak of youth. This cream promises a gentle touch to effectively take care of delicate and sensitive areas.

Price Range: $1,900.00

Diamond Truffle Lifting Essence

This light serum seeps deep into the skin with a lifting effect to target deep expression lines to lessen and defend from becoming more visible. Truffoire has an array of products to handle premature skin aging and this is definitely up there with their most potent.

Price Range: $1,800.00

Diamond Truffle Neck & Chest Mask

The skin around our neck and chest is thinner and more fragile than most other areas, making it an easy victim of sagging and creasing which are unavoidable but can be helped. And that’s what Truffoire intended with the Diamond Truffle Neck & Chest Mask. Infusing Sea Algae Extract and Hyaluronic Acid for a deeply hydrating sheet mask, paired with micro-fine ground diamonds to remove excess dirt, letting the other nourishing ingredients in with ease.

Price Range: $1,988.00

Where Can I Buy the Diamond Truffle Collection?

To experience the most out of Truffoire, their world-class customer service, and what other products they have to offer, it is best to go straight to their official website


With Truffoire, diamonds are infused and transformed into a different type of luxury on the skin when paired with truffles, and there is no surprise there. If it wasn’t obvious enough within this Diamond Truffle Collection review, we will state it again, we are in love with this collection and we think you will be too.

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