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Fancii Review

Fancii Review

The Story of Fancii & Co.

Fancii & Co. is a US-based beauty tool brand that wants nothing more than to make you see the beauty that has always been there, ‘beauty mishaps and all.’ Coming as you are and showing off and creating your own beauty standard is the core value of their team.

With the rampant changes made by social media and photoshop, the brand wants to break this new toxic culture. They want to create a more accepting and proud community of real people with flaws who are proud of who they are and how they look.

Right off the bat, Fancii & Co. welcomes you with a warm embrace and a diverse team to help you see your true potential without putting yourself down.

The brand offers different types of mirrors for all your beauty routines. They figured that it does not matter how well you put on your make-up when all that time wasted struggling to apply the perfect liner all went to waste because of bad lighting. So they created a reliable and consistent set of beauty tools to aid in whatever routine you have. Designing products that help boost your confidence in your beauty skills and overall yourself.

Behind the Spotlight of Fancii & Co.

The popularity of the brand and its beauty tools relies on a team passionate about what they create, and that is exactly what makes Fancii & Co. work.

Behind the sleek design and fun pastel color choices of each Fancii product is a diverse team with different stories to tell and one burning passion for a better routine experience for all. No more will suffer at the hands of lipstick stains on your teeth and uneven eyebrows, when the women behind the brand mean business.

People from all walks of life came together to help each other and everyone else by putting their ideas and ingenuity into Fancii.

Beauty in Quality

Effectiveness, Ease of Use, and Glam Factor. You would think, all of this for a few mirrors? Not to the Fancii team. The meticulous quality control that every product goes through before it is launched is professionally done. Feedback from customers, influencers, aestheticians, makeup artists, and other beauty experts are all accounted for to make sure quality is up to par.

Product design is updated constantly based on these reviews because Fancii takes the importance of your input.

What Fancii & Co. Offers

Vanity Mirrors


A large oval mirror with lights, a 45-degree tilt, three dimmable LED settings, and a 30-minute auto-shutoff.

Colors: Chrome, Rose Gold, and Black

Price Range: $119.00


Round and handheld, this vanity mirror has 52 LED lights on one normal view side and a 5X magnifying side on the other.

Colors: Strawberry Cream, Marshmallow, Pistachio, and Blue Fluff

Price Range: $99.00


Scored a 95 on the Color Rendering Index, this round vanity mirror shows you the most true-to-life reflection it can provide. It has three dimmable settings and can rotate a full 360 degrees!

Price Range: $89.00


It can be whatever you want, this multi-tasking vanity mirror has three-folding panels with 1X, 5X, and 7X magnification and three dimmable settings with just a tap.

Price Range: $69.00


This flexible vanity mirror can tilt 90 degrees forward and back with three dimmable LED lights to help you do your routine at all the angles you need.

Colors: White and Rose Gold

Price Range: $59.00


The largest free-standing vanity mirror Fancii has got, this one has an organizing base tray with a 10X magnification pull-out side mirror.

Price Range: $65.00

Just from their Vanity Mirrors alone, it is clear that Fancii likes making an impact and a statement. Multifunctional, well-lit, and flexible- their mirrors are affordably priced with so much to prove.

Compact Mirrors


A rechargeable compact mirror with dimmable lights that comes in a velvet pouch as sleek as the mirror itself. With its beautiful design, Fancii’s six months of work truly paid off.

Colors: White, Black, Pink, Berry Crush, Indigo Magic, and Sunset Peach

Price Range: $47.00


The duality shines through with Lumi and its one LED side and one 10X magnification side helping you get through your look of the day!

Colors: Rose Gold, Midnight Black, and Silk White

Price Range: $29.00


To save up all that important space, the Mini Lumi is one inch smaller than the regular Lumi for a travel companion you can take anywhere.

Colors: Rose Gold, Midnight Black, and Silk White

Price Range: $27.00

Compact mirrors have never been this extra, but we are not complaining. Fancii shows off their creative minds with multiple functionality compact mirrors that are travel-friendly.

Magnifying Mirrors


Get that zoom you have been looking for in this 10X magnification mirror that can turn 360 degrees to catch you in all your good sides.

Colors: Rose Gold, Chrome

Price Range: $69.00


A portable revamp, the Mira is USB-rechargeable, can swivel 360 degrees, with dimmable daylight LEDs and a magnification of 10X!

Price Range: $38.00


With its daylight LEDs and 7X magnification, it’s hard to miss anything while you’re doing your makeup! It can also swivel 360 degrees with an easy-lock suction and distortion-free glass.

Price Range: $38.00

Fancii genuinely wants you to see your beauty’s true potential with the help of any of these magnificent mirrors. The thoroughness that goes into every design is the standard for the brand.

Fancii More? See What Else Fancii & Co. Has For You

When the brand said they carry beauty tools, they really meant anything from your head to your toes. The brand also offers Nail Care Tools, Skincare Tools, and Accessories.

The Nail Care Tools has: DIY mani-pedi sets to callus removers, while the Skincare Tools boast pamper sets with face steamers and pore cleansers. Lastly, can’t forget those cute add-ons that really complete your vibe and outfit: fashionable skin-friendly satin face masks, headbands, scrunchies, and your crucial travel buddies an essential oil kit, and make-up removing pads that all fit into water-resistant travel bags!

If it is a beauty tool you need, Fancii has got you covered!

Where to Get Your Fancii & Co. Products

For the stay-at-home route, easily navigate Fancii’s official website and check out all the irresistible items the brand has to offer. But if you are out and about, you can access their store locator on the same website to see where you can get your Fancii essentials!


Fancii & Co. is run by a talented, hard-working team that puts the fun back into getting ready for any occasion! Taking a new perspective on what your typical mirror can do and flipping it around to create more confident make-up creations and easier routines for its users. The brand really puts its heart into every product and is proud of everything they make, and it shows too. The company focuses on what it can do for its customers and adjusts accordingly while putting their personal touch into it!

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