How To Create A Nighttime Skin Care Routine

How To Create A Nighttime Skin Care Routine

I never really cared for routines let alone skin care ones that involve me having to put something on my face before bed, I thought it’s just another extra step that ultimately does nothing for me but waste more time when I could be sleeping already. I thought washing my face is enough, I even washed twice as often at night to be sure my face is clean. Turns out that does more harm than good.

I started noticing my skin’s sensitivity when summer started, I didn’t really mind the sun because I wasn’t stupid enough to go out without a sunscreen but although I avoided any major skin damage, I started getting worried about how dry my skin has been getting- especially my face. I found out there is such a thing as washing your face too much, the smoothness of my skin is long gone at this point and I’m getting embarrassed when my husband held my face.

My stubbornness to try any other product for my skin other than sunscreen has gotten the best of me and has only led to a bad nighttime cleansing practice. Who knew I had to deal with this on top of being a busy mom? Well, I’m nothing if not persistent when it comes to a goal and now it’s to find a cream worth having a routine for.

Create A Nighttime Skin Care Routine

A friend recommended the Le Rose Night Hydration Therapy and it came as an answer to my prayers! As my newfound love for these sorts of products grew and so did my curiosity. Since then I have not only achieved my goal to help my skin get back to a healthy complexion but I was also introduced to a great collection like the Flore De Rose.

It made a believer out of me that’s for sure!

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