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Le Rose Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream Review

What is the Le Rose Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream?

Take care of the most sensitive part of your face with a brand that prioritizes gentle yet effective outcomes. Pearl de Flore introduces a cream that hydrates and slows signs of skin aging, the Le Rose Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream.

This eye cream is part of the brand’s Flore de Rose Collection, which carries products focusing on completing your essential skincare routines. Every piece is infused with Rose Extract and other botanicals that deliver a soft and caring blow to the skin leaving you with a brighter complexion and a more even texture.

The Le Rose Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream is here to take good care of your eye area with a lightweight cream that invigorates and smoothens wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps with puffiness, dark circles, and under-eye bags with its packed ingredients list.

You will see a different shine in your eyes with all these benefits!

To find out how this eye cream can do so much, let’s take a peek at what combination of ingredients Pearl de Flore has in store for us.

Invigorating Botanicals in the Le Rose Age Defense
Hydrating Eye Cream

We will highlight the most notable key ingredients within the eye cream and see how well the benefits of each will stack up. There are eleven (11) key ingredients in the Le Rose Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream, and we will cover five (5) that stood out to us the most!

To get the entire overview of the ingredients list, you can check Pearl de Flore’s official website for all the juicy details.

Rose Flower Extract

Rose Flower Extract provides an amazingly gentle care; It soothes redness and irritation due to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. And because of its gentleness, it works well with all skin types. Overall, this extract is effective at calming the skin.

 Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is many things: it’s an antioxidant with vitamin E, it’s a humectant helping attract moisture to the skin and locking it there, it has healing abilities, and it promotes collagen production, to name a few.

Olive Oil

Though it is more known in culinary, some studies suggest that it may aid skin care. It is said to have antioxidant properties and helps moisturize and hydrate the skin.


An energized way to wake up the skin, caffeine is known to reduce blood flow, constricting blood vessels which gives your face a tighter, more vibrant appearance.

It protects from free radicals which cause saggy skin, soothes inflammation, and reduce puffiness.


Licorice has been said to help brighten the skin and can protect from sun damage. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and effectively smooths and softens the skin.

Pearl de Flore’s has compiled ingredients that calm the skin and reduce swelling or puffiness, making it the perfect combination to take care of the area around your eyes!

All Eyes on the Le Rose Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream

With such well-crafted formula and a rich ingredients list, this eye cream is here to grab attention, and that’s what it got and will continue to get! Let’s see what some Pearl de Flore customers say about the Le Rose Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream.


Audley calls the cream a satisfying investment with how well it works underneath her make-up, adding how smooth the product is.


Jia says the cream absorbs into her skin well with a creamy texture that is worth her money and something she will buy again.


Delis is proud to say she has been a satisfied customer for three (3) months and has finished her third jar of eye cream.

From these reviews alone, the Le Rose Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream seems to be doing its job correctly, with positive feedback from new users and loyal customers.

Where Can I Get the Le Rose Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream?

At this point, we know you are excited to try the cream for yourself, and we can’t blame you. You can head over to Pearl de Flore’s official website to purchase a jar (or more, it’s worth it!) along with other Pearl de Flore Skincare Lines.


We have finally found the eye cream that has a long-lasting effect with impressive results! The Le Rose Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream can do everything you need and more! It hydrates, moisturizes, protects, and helps reduce signs of aging. Multiple targets hit with just a jar- you will go back to it every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Putting eye cream on your eyelids will run you the risk of accidentally getting some of the product inside your eyes, which can be uncomfortable or cause unwanted discomfort.

Adding an eye cream to your daily regimen can help you stay on top of emerging fine lines and wrinkles, keeping your skin young, healthy, and rejuvenated. For best results, we suggest using the eye cream at night but it can also be used during the day.

Tag teaming the eye area with a deeply penetrating and firming serum with a luscious hydrating and recharging eye cream will boost each other’s effects and give you twice the skin-loving! We suggest the age-defying Pearl de Flore eye serum, the Le Rose Bio-Firming Eye Serum, for maximum results.

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