Moisturizers Were Worth Another Shot Because Of This

Moisturizers Were Worth Another Shot Because Of This

In all my years of using the same moisturizer this is the first time I actually felt like it was working. Sometimes you just get used to a product so much that you forget you can change it at any time but it’s hard when it has been in your routine for a while.

Not to say my old moisturizer didn’t work but it did not quite do the job either, but with the amount of time I have spent finding the best one I figured I could just settle for the most okay one out of the bunch that I have used. At some point I have decided to ditch moisturizers all together and just let the sun do its thing but apparently that was a bad idea.

I didn’t have much time to dwell on my moisturizer-less life when I have my job and family to worry about, yet I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing; in my routine and my skin’s overall health. One fateful dinner date with the other moms from my son’s class helped me find a new silver lining for my sun damaged skin.

To think there was a moisturizer that would match with me this well was a God send, it’s not every day this happens. I’m familiar with the trial and error of finding things that work for you and I slightly regret how easily I gave up, lucky for me one of the moms suggested Le Rose Daily Defense Cream to us and I have not stopped using it since!

Moisturizers Were Worth Another Shot Because Of This

I guess good things do come in small packages! I use it every day before going to work and I have gotten compliments left and right about my complexion ever since I started. It made me look and feel young! Not that I would ever lie about my age but feeling how smooth my skin has given me the boost I didn’t know I needed.

It has just been an added mood lifter for my days I’m happy I gave Pearl De Flore a shot.

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