My Lack of Sleep Caused Dry Skin, But This Cream Saved The Day

My Lack of Sleep Caused Dry Skin, But This Cream Saved The Day

I always believed in beauty sleep; I’ve seen research suggesting that if you get the right amount of sleep every night, it’s sure to help your skin glow when you wake up, but it’s hard to come by with how busy I am.

Work gets in the way of most of the things I want to accomplish, including, but not limited to, paying attention to what my skin needs. I have a good grasp on skincare, but nothing much to brag about. I know I need to cleanse, moisturize, and maybe even try on a few serums from time to time.

Since I learned those few steps, it has significantly helped my complexion, but sadly it stops there. My work requires me to travel a lot- so sleep is something I’m not sure I’d get when we land, as time zones are a hindrance, and jetlag is inevitable for me. Because of this, I can’t subscribe to a full nighttime routine as much as I’d want to. I’m only ab`out to turn 25, but I want to take care of my skin because it’ll be hard to catch up when the damage is done a few years down the line.

I suffer from dry skin, even though I swear to my friends I drink enough water to keep me hydrated for the rest of the day. It still felt like my skin needed that extra boost of moisture especially when I’m off to dreamland and do anything about it. I read that at night the skin is more susceptible to absorbing creams packed with antioxidants so it has been my mission to find even one new addition to my routine that I can squeeze.

To give my skin a boost for when sleep is scarce, I searched high and low until a friend suggested Tevenere Botanics, specifically their night cream. She swears by it, saying she’s never looked so dewy in her life! I think she just has a natural glow about her, but I’m willing to see for myself.

My Lack of Sleep Caused Dry Skin

The name sounded encouraging, Rejuvenating Night Cream; I looked up its key ingredients and had high hopes going into it. I think I fell in love because I was far from disappointed. It blew me away! A few weeks in, my skin is soft to the touch, my cheeks are lightly tinted red even without make-up on, and I look like I have the most restful night of sleep every morning when I look into the mirror! Now, I carry it with me everywhere and do not go a night without it!

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