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Orchidea Truffle Collection Review

What to Expect from the Orchidea Truffle Collection

In this Orchidea Truffle Collection review, we will give you a rundown of what each product is all about and why you should definitely consider one, if not all, lining your shelf and enhancing your skin health.

The Orchidea Collection comes from the US-based truffle-centric brand Truffoire to bring a refreshing package filled with luscious formulas, brightening creams, and skin tone-saving correctors to help your skin make a full recovery with a collection that repairs and soothes.

With Truffoire and its extensive collection of products, there is no doubt that an overwhelming amount of quality and luxurious ingredients are in store for you, and this goes with the Orchidea Truffle Collection. The collection comes with five (5) exciting products all centered on helping you patch up damaged skin after a long day under the sun and pollution that can negatively affect your skin.

You can purchase each separately or order the whole collection which comes with the Truffle Brightening Cream + SPF 30, Truffle Orchid Silk Mask, Truffle Skin Corrector, Night Repair Truffles, and the Truffle Night Eye Recovery. Each with a unique mix of ingredients, the Orchidea Collection offers a hearty dose of gentle care for the skin that you will get to know a little more about when you read further.

What Does Orchidea Truffle Collection Have to Offer?

Find out how protective and rejuvenating products can change the way you take care of your sensitive skin in this Orchidea Truffle Collection review. We will give you a sneak peek of what is coming your way when you indulge in a restorative and transforming skincare collection.

Truffle Brightening Cream + SPF 30

With a 5/5 rating, this daily defense cream not only protects but also boosts your complexion, then the Truffle Brightening Cream + SPF 30 is just the ticket you need to get started on your skincare journey. They boast a lightweight cream with revitalizing extracts such as White Truffle and Green Tea Extract and hydrating factors like Aloe Vera and Glycerin. Making broad spectrum protection and correcting complex to give you an added shield throughout the day.

It gives:

  • Protection Illuminating effect
  • Shield from environmental stressors Correcting complex

Price Range: $500.00

Truffle Orchid Silk Mask

Another 5/5 star rated product, the Truffle Orchid Silk Mask even on the most hectic of days provides a quick refreshing, and indulgent break that goes beyond your usual masks. It softens and hydrates with powerful antioxidants and anti-aging properties when packed with Avocado Oil, White Truffle Extract, and Acai Berry Extract. Feel smoother and look younger with a relaxing addition to your routine.

It gives:

  • Brighter skin Smoother appearance
  • Refreshed and hydrated look

Price Range: $2,700.00

Truffle Skin Corrector

A solid 5/5 star rated product and one of our favorites. The Truffle Skin Corrector brings an innovative twist to a classic skincare item. With a potent formula packed with skin conditioning Soybean Oil, deeply moisturizing Palm Oil, Citrus Peel Extract, and a roll-on applicator, Truffoire brings ease and effectiveness that your skin glow against hyperpigmentation and age spots giving you a radiant and even skin tone.

It gives:

  • Even skin tone
  • Blemish-free skin
  • Boosted and balanced appearance

Price Range: $1,800.00

Night Repair Truffles

The Night Repair Truffles earns a 5/5 star rating with its concentrated formula and soothing ingredients. These nighttime damage repair aids are encapsulated to preserve the restorative solution with each use. Give your sensitive skin the care it deserves with a nightly partner

infused with Sacha Inchi Oil, Gold, and Safflower Oil to help the skin’s natural barrier recover with anti-inflammatory properties.

It gives:

  • Naturally dewy skin
  • Replenished and revived look Smooth complexion

Price Range: $4,000.00

Truffle Night Eye Recovery

Our last 5/5 rated product in the collection is the Truffle Night Eye Recovery to give your delicate eye area the potent benefits of botanicals. Truffoire has created these hydrating gel masks to target puffy eyes and saggy skin by soothing and increasing skin firmness with the help of Lavender Oil, Safflower Oil, and White Truffle Extract.

It gives:

  • Tighter and plumper skin Hydration
  • Smoother complexion

Price Range: $1,000.00

Where Can I Get the Orchidea Truffle Collection?

For the most authentic Truffoire experience, we suggest you go directly to to browse and check out any or the entire Orchidea Truffle Collection if you have fallen in love as much as we have with the rejuvenating products we laid out in this review. But other than that, Truffoire has thousands of Authorized Retailers around the world so you have access to their luxurious skincare lines basically everywhere.


The price may be high, but the quality blows it out of the water. From the luscious ingredients of organic botanicals to the sleek packaging and expertly crafted formula, there is no wonder, Truffoire has been on everyone’s radar with each collection they come out with. And they continue to impress with the Orchidea Truffle Collection.

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