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Pearl de Flore Review

Pearl de Flore Review

Pearl de Flore is a US brand based in Las Vegas, Nevada with the mission to make customizable gifts a more unique and personal experience. The brand prides itself in their “Forever” or Everlasting Roses, which they specify have been handpicked at the flowers’ peak bloom, preserving them at their most beautiful form.

With customizable gift brands being known to be expensive, the brand wants to make the most of every penny by providing output from how they were inspired by the “latest innovative floral technology” by incorporating flowers into an assortment of other products.

They carry an array of choices to compile for your loved ones to enjoy, from skincare lines to plush toys and scented candles; Pearl de Flore introduces itself as the “one-stop-shop store” for luxury gifts.

Because Pearl de Flore has a lot of elements to cover, we will organize this review into two parts, starting with their selection of non-skincare-related products, focusing on their collection of Preserved Roses to their future additional products within the same realm.

What Is the Gift of Love? Pearl de Flore Has Found the Answer

Pearl de Flore and their emphasis on the God of Love’s gifts start with the brand’s everlasting bouquets.

Preserved Roses and Other Gift Sets

Belle Posy

Is a modest nine (9) roses arrangement encased in a square acrylic box and donned with a bow, as the brand’s show stopper and centerpiece gift, the Belle Posy is small but impactful as a gift for any occasion.

Sizes: Small and Large

Colors: White, Pink, and Black

Price Range: $150.00 – $195.00

Fleur Mirifique

Is a classic look for a forever bouquet, fourteen (14) roses arranged in a circular box with a bow, the Fleur Mirifique is an elegant box meant to wow those who will receive it.

Sizes: One Size

Colors: White, Pink, and Black

Price Range: $295.00

Fleur Magnifique

This massive sixteen (16) roses arrangement stuns in a sleek box with that signature pink bow, it looks elegant and grand, even just looking at it has got us mesmerized.

Sizes: One Size

Colors: White, Pink, and Black

Price Range: $295.00

With how beautiful the arrangements are, the prices are worth every cent that goes into these well-crafted boxes. In addition to being able to mix and match the colors in one box, Pearl de Flore also teases their Coming Soon lineup for additional gift items that you can add to maximize that personal touch.

Their other gift sets include being able to add luxury confections, a variety of plush toys, scented candles, and expensive fragrances. If you want grand gestures of adoration and appreciation, Pearl de Flore has it and more.

Pearl de Flore Unlocks the Power of Flowers

Pearl de Flore’s love for flora does not stop at their bouquet collection, the brand has also ventured with flowers towards skincare, and has found a garden of possibilities. Their luxury skincare can also be part of their gift sets, but when you look at their collection it’s not surprising that the line can also stand on its own. With its expansive products, they go beyond gift giving, for a truly authentic and different skincare experience.

Their collections are centered around four (4) key ingredients:

Rose Extract

Gentle and soft, the Rose Extract is known to calm the skin. It relieves redness and soothes irritation. It works well with all skin types and contains antioxidants.

Orchid Extract

Studies show that orchids can maintain hydration in the skin, making them a great active ingredient in moisturizers, etc. Additionally, it promotes skin cell vitality that helps with fine lines and premature skin aging.

Peony Extract

Peonies contain anti-inflammatory properties and are a natural antioxidant that helps clear the skin.

Black Malva Extract

Particularly helpful for rough and dry skin, this extract soothes and protects with a natural mucilage.

With these four flowers, Pearl de Flore has shaped four specific collections around the key ingredients and one body collection.

The Collections

Flore de Rose

Filled with their daily essentials; the Flore de Rose collections give you a detailed selection of how perfect a routine can indeed be. With the power of rose extract matched with avocado oil and cucumber extract, the collection focuses on the gentle renewal of the skin. With cleansers, defense creams, eye creams, moisturizers, and serums, this collection will be a one-way trip to a rosier-looking you.

Flore de Orchidee

A brightening duo to brighten your days, this collection only contains two products but is packed to the brim with organic botanicals that can rival any other collection. It features a biosynthesis overnight silk mask and a double defense skin shield with SPF 30. Lavender and Aloe Extract that heals and soothes combine with the moisture-enhancing power of the Orchid Extract to seal the deal on this duo.

Rose Noir

Minerals and botanicals make a hot pair with this collection. Rose Noir features a thermal detoxing lineup from masks to creams, that contains the Rose Extract and Black Malva Extract to form a potent formula for a more radiant appearance.

Flore de Peonia

If there is ever a collection dedicated to anti-aging, Pearl de Flore has it. Flore de Peonia contains Aloe and Rosemary Extract for a younger look, while DMAE is there to protect from free radicals while improving your skin’s overall health.

Body Collection

This collection brings the spa experience to your home with its relaxing trio. Experience healing like never before with an exfoliating body scrub, a hand & body cream, and their moisturizing body butter. Indulge and give in to this aromatic and soothing line!

The 5 Best Pearl de Flore Has To Offer Your Skin

Products from the Le Rose Collection dominate the brand’s best-seller list, with three (3) out of the five (5) listed from their daily essentials selection, the other two are from the Rose Noir and Flore de Orchidee Collection. These products have collectively garnered tons of reviews, let’s find out why with some quick info about each one.

Le Rose Daily Defense Cream

Rated a solid 5/5 from the 30 reviews under the product, the Le Rose Defense Cream is said to be a highly satisfying product that works well and has a soothing scent according to customers.

It prevents:

  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Skin Dehydration
  • Dry Skin

Price: $300.00

Noir Instant Wrinkle Treatment Syringe

Rated a 4.97/5 from 39 reviews, this nearly perfect product has been called “one of the best” with shocking and amazing results. Reviewers are left to exclaim “WOW!!!” and one even called it “Magic” with many reviewers left in awe and more confident with the effects of the syringe.

It prevents:

  • Puffiness
  • Dark Circles and Crow’s Feet
  • Fine Lines

Price: $995.00

Orchidee Double Defense Skin Shield SPF 30

Rated with a 5/5 from 21 reviews, this defense cream received nothing but praises from customers who have used the product. Satisfied consumers go into raptures about its effectiveness and even the service they received from Pearl de Flore itself.

It prevents:

  • Uneven Skin tone and Dark Spots
  • Dull Skin and Dry Complexion
  • Loss of Firmness and UV Protection
  • Fine Lines

Price: $500.00

Le Rose Bio-active Vitamin C Serum

Rated with a 5/5 from a whopping 42 reviews, this serum has made. It will undoubtedly continue to satisfy customers. Reviews excitedly boast about the immediate results they saw, how it made them happier with their appearance, and their enhanced complexion.

It prevents:

  • Sun Damage and Uneven Skin Tone
  • Dark/Age Spots
  • Dull Complexion
  • Fine Lines

Price: $700.00

Le Rose Resurfacing Micro-Peel

Rated 5/5 from over 40 reviews, their micro-peel impresses reviewers as they recount how the peel has removed dead skin cells effectively leaving them with smooth and shiny skin. Some customers talk about how sensitive their skin is but the peel is gentle and non-invasive.

It prevents:

  • Rough Skin
  • Acne
  • Dry and Uneven Skin Tone
  • Splotchy-Looking Skin

Price: $300.00

And though most of the products are on the expensive side the reviews argue that the long-lasting effect Pearl de Flore provides is an investment they are willing to put out.

Where to Get the Perfect Bouquet of Pearl de Flore’s Skincare Essentials?

Pearl de Flore has put out a warning against buying from Unauthorized Vendors online, stating that products bought outside of their retail partners and site would not be able to ensure lab-tested quality products as those may be used, counterfeit, or expired may lead to health risks. The brand encouraged customers to locate their authorized retail partners instead or go to their official website to get their hands on the perfect gift. You can also contact their support team if you have any other questions.


In conclusion, the Pearl de Flore brand is not kidding about creating the most personal and luxurious gift you can ever give yourself or others. The prices vary, but they match the expectation that they present, and the efficacy of their products checks out. The reviews are staggeringly positive about their products and service. Pearl de Flore will continue to get everyone’s attention as they grow to no one’s surprise.

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