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Perigold Truffle Collection Review

What is the Perigold Truffle Collection?

In this Perigold Truffle Collection review, you will get to meet the three gold-tinted bottles that make up the collection and why it is one of their most indulgent lines. From the overview, the collection focuses on rehydrating, softening, and smoothening the skin. The goal is to create a radiant glow and a healthy complexion.

The Perigold Truffle Collection is one of many collections from the truffle skincare brand Truffoire. With each line the brand releases, they focus on problem areas with their unique formulation and love of luxury. Skincare infused with gold is surely not new in the market, but with Truffoire re-imagining what products can come with their take and combination of rare ingredients, something notable will come of it.

Truffoire is known for its extravagance and opulence and it shows within this collection. There is no holding back with the brand and though the price may shock you, the quality and efficacy will go beyond expectations. While we break down this Perigold Truffle Collection review, we will give you a snippet of each product.

The collection consists of three (3) refreshing products in the form of a cream, serum, and a mask. The Perigold Truffle Cream, Perigold Truffle Duet Serum, and Perigold Truffle Magnetic Mask. Each can be purchased separately through their shop, but you can also buy the entire collection to experience the entirety of this skincare story.

What Does the Perigold Truffle Collection Offer?

Perigold Truffle Cream

A cream as rich as gold, Truffoire brings a finishing cream that has anti-aging properties to give you a helping hand diminishing signs of premature skin aging and finishing up your routine. Seal off environmental stressors while keeping added moisture from fatty acids and nutrients from Black Truffle and Green Tea Extract and see a firmer and tighter look.

Price Range: $600.00

Perigold Truffle Duet Serum

If a beautiful melody became a serum, it would be the Perigold Truffle Duet Serum. It introduces itself with a dual-action dual-capsule treatment to deliver a potent formula that contains Truffoire’s signature Black Truffle Extract and a host of moisture-loving ingredients and fatty acids to keep your skin looking young and fresh. By keeping your skin hydrated the Duet Serum will keep it looking bouncier and more radiant.

Price Range: $5,500.00

Perigold Truffle Magnetic Mask

The Perigold Truffle Magnetic Mask lifts in more ways than one. An innovative idea with the Truffoire touch, their magnetic mask not only brings a satisfying mask removal it also removes toxins, impurities, and fatigued skin is lifted off your face leaving you with a clearer, firmer, and brighter complexion. This mask blows us away making it one of our favorites from the collection.

Price Range: $6,900.00

Where to Buy the Perigold Truffle Collection?

Like all of their other collections, Truffoire can be found on their official website and store where you can experience their world-class customer service, or through their many authorized retailers across the globe.


Nothing but a truly golden experience awaits you with the Perigold Truffle Collection. If you are into the luscious and luxurious, especially with skincare, then this collection will line your shelves beautifully with its golden packaging and will make your skin thank you tenfold.

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