Sleek Shop Review

Sleek Shop Review

In this Sleek Shop review, we will try to give you as much detailed information as possible about the brand and its partners. It is well known that Sleek Shop aims to be the world’s leading online retailer of high-quality, exclusive beauty products from classic, emerging, and niche brands. In the post, you will find some things related to the history of this brand, what Sleek Shop has to offer, as well as where and how you can buy the products.

The Humble Beginnings of Sleek Shop

Sleek Shop is a US-based brand that carries exclusive beauty products from a wide variety of brands ranging from classic, emerging brands to niche ones.

Founded in 1997 when Andrew Ngo was just a junior in high school, Sleek Shop was born from him seeing his mother work as a nail technician at a salon. Andrew was shown what it was like to grow a business, sparking his natural entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation, going from observing to managing all aspects of the salon by the age of 15.

A humble start in his garage as a small business grew into the mammoth that receives one order per month to several requests a day. With his love for the internet and all things technology, paired with his knowledge about the beauty industry, no obstacle, whether school or Sleek Shop’s increasing demand stopped Andrew from continuing his dream.

Now the ultimate beauty destination is here; after becoming a staple go-to online source of everything relating to beauty worldwide, Sleek Shop continues to grow and so does the list of brands they offer. The brand has created a space for customers to choose from hundreds of high-end products, and one for brands to flourish and expand to a bigger audience.

The brand is bent on taking care of its customers, employees, and brand partners as best they could and this dedication has produced a team of hard-working people ready to provide first-rate service that matches what they offer.

If you can name a brand, know that Sleek Shop has it for you. The brand is still leading the charge today as the online destination for hair care products, nails, skincare, cosmetics, babies, and even items for our furry little buddies! The family-owned and run shop has truly gone global with customers spanning over 60+ countries satisfying all their beauty needs.

What Sleek Shop Has to Offer

Hair Care

With over 500 pages of products in their Hair Care category alone, Sleek Shop brings you the finest products your hair deserves. From professional use and professional quality products to everyday use, the shop caters to all your hair care needs! From the classic Shampoos and Conditioners to products that focus on Styling & Finishing, Treatments & Marques, Organic, and even aids for Thinning & Hair Loss.

Highlight: Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Conditioner

Damaged and dead-end riddled hair is no match for this! It effectively revives lifeless and dry hair, bringing back the bounce and sheen your hair once had. It has a rating of 4.8 and is one of the Hair Care category’s best sellers.

Price Range: $12.75

Hair Color

Maintaining a healthy head of hair is hard enough without hair color; dyed hair is a whole different story. It doesn’t matter the intensity of the color or if you have used bleach or not, colored hair is hard to keep its vibrancy. Luckily, Sleek Shop has you covered! Get the best products for your hair without compromising its color. Pick from over 58 pages’ worth of masks, treatments, creams, and even color itself.

Sleek Shop’s Hair Color Category, like their other categories, come with professional-use products that the brand highly suggests be only used by professionals.

Highlight: Diane 2” Silicone Color Brush (2 pc)

Whether you are trying out a new hair dye on yourself or your customer, it is best to use the right tools for the job. This silicone brush offers quicker application than other brushes and its ability to help color closer to the scalp with an easy clean-up and reuse quality.

Price Range: $6.00


Fill your makeup bag or even get one with everything to do with getting glammed up! Sleek Shop offers 98 pages of makeup for your eyes, face, cheeks, and lips– and don’t forget about the color palettes, accessories, brushes, and other tools! You can even find products for your nails.

Highlight: Stinaface Diamond Rainbow Rose Gold Brush Set

The perfect pair for any palette out there, this brush set comes with ten (10) applicators all packed in a soft diamond-shaped linen case. Be ready to put out look after look even when you’re on the go!

Price Range: $36.00


One of the most sensitive parts of our body needs to be taken care of with gentle and high-quality products. Sleek Shop carries over 83 pages of skin-loving products that boost hydration and keeps you protected! Products for the Face, Body Care, Sun Care, and even Hair Removal; find the product that works for you.

Highlight: The Potted Plant Hemp Herbal Blossom Body Wash

The best of mother nature chosen as its simple yet powerful ingredients, this body wash cleanses while revealing your natural and beautiful skin. Formulated with fresh extracts and fragrances like the Herbal Blossom blend, it gives you a relaxing and soft feel.

Price Range: $14.99


It’s hard to get ready without these essentials; browse from over 56 pages of the best flat irons, curling tools, hair dryers, brushes, clippers, and pet care! They have got it all.

Highlight: Hairart Ceramic Straightening & Curling Iron H3000 – 1 3/8 Inch

The iron you’ve been missing, the H3000 features the latest Nano-Fuzeion Technology with a curved edge plate design that allows you to straighten or create curls and waves in seconds! It gives you what you want without damaging your hair, even when it’s colored.

Price Range: $83.99

If we can cover their whole stock, we’d talk about Sleek Shop for hours! A cascading list of products you’ll get lost in and enjoy. From reliable brands with exclusive products, Sleek Shop is a one-stop shop for almost everything under the sun! The brand even offers a section dedicated to products for Men (Grooming, Skincare, Haircare, and Fragrances) and Covid Care to help you stay safe out there!

Sleek Shop Brand Partners

From A to Z, if you are looking for a specific product from your trusted brand, you won’t have to look farther than Sleek Shop. They have a dedicated page of their partners on their website that you can peruse or easily search for the product you have been looking for!

How To Get Sleek Shop Products

All you have to do is browse for all the beauty items you need and simply add them to your cart! even has a wish list for the ones you really can’t fit in your budget right now but will come back later! But if you’re looking for budget-friendly options, no need to panic, Sleek Shop has a section all for their sales that you should check out.


It seems that no other online business can come close to what Sleek Shop has achieved and continue to achieve to this day. And it is all because of their passionate team and their customer-centric service. By securing exclusive products to bring to their loyal customers, the brand will surely help match thousands more worldwide to the products they have been scouring online.

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