Cleansing Kit and Skincare

This Cleansing Kit Got Me into Skincare and Got Me Out of My Shell

I have never loved adventures; trying new things isn’t something I’m an expert on. I rarely go to places I’m not familiar with, I order the same thing off a menu from a restaurant I have been a regular at for years, and even with the things I use in the house stay the same unless needed otherwise.

I’m quite stubborn, so when I like a product I stick to it! It’s hard to get me to try new things, and I reluctantly admit that to my lovely husband on the occasions he tried suggesting anything out of my usual routine. And that includes changing out of my simple cleansing regimen.

Routine is something I cherish, and if it made life easier the more it stays in my day-to-day. I’m a busy working mom, and any free time I may have is halved between work and family. I always feel so rushed with everything I do, but with cleansing, it felt like a me-time I can’t just get done in minutes.

But the closest I can call a “skincare routine” is micellar water and my trusty bar of soap, and if I’m feeling fancy? I’ll apply some lotion and call it a day. It didn’t seem to help my complexion; I still woke up with little to no color on my face and lines that looked like they showed every emotion I’ve ever expressed in my life! I’m not much of a skincare gal if it’s not already blatantly obvious, but for the first time in a while, I wanted to try all these expensive-looking bottles of creams, serums, and toners, wanting to know if they’re even worth getting out of my comfort zone for.

My husband has heard me talk about this for months, going on and off about deciding whether to try something I saw at the mall or online but never really committing to trying. So on a random Wednesday, mind you, he gifted me a cute kit from the store I have been eyeing to see if this can be something I can see myself doing.

It all seems elaborate, so I wanted to start easy! Luckily, I received the White Truffle Cleansing Kit from Truffoire. It looked promising, especially for a beginner like me.

I used it immediately, weeks went by, and when I tell you I glowed differently, oh my! It felt like I just discovered a whole new world! The cleanser was smooth, and the toner felt light; my skin felt softer than it ever has in years- it finally felt like I was taking care of my skin and knew what I was doing.

Cleansing Kit

My cleansing routine became an even more vital part of my day! The days felt lighter, I felt younger, and it felt like doors started opening slowly for me. It didn’t just help me feel beautiful- it helped me try something new.

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